Kanyo plus one ~ Introducing Tome City’s local cuisine ~

This time, I will introduce the local dishes “Aburfu Don” and “Hattojiru” in Tome City, which is next to Minamisanriku Town where our hotel is located !

You can park your car in the parking lot of the roadside station “Toyama no Sato” along the main street of the retro town Tome City.

The entrance to the parking lot is also retro.

Arrived at Ajidokoro Mon, a restaurant that originated from Aburadon, which is a 3-minute walk from the parking lot.

Take off your shoes at the entrance and enter the Japanese-style restaurant. Then I ordered a set of two local dishes, “Toyoma Set”.

“Aburafu” is fried gluten, which is a protein component of wheat flour, in vegetable oil. About 30 years ago, the Aburafudon was devised as a menu for the inn Ebimon, which is adjacent to the landlady, for customers who are not good at chicken.

Hatjiru is a local dish made by adding water to flour, spreading it thinly with your fingers, and finishing it with soy sauce-made soup.


After your meal, why not take a walk in the retro town !

“Aburafu” is also sold at the hotel shop. We also have a recipe, so why not try making it at home?

Access to “Toyoma Tourism and Local Produce Center(Toyama no Sato)” ; About 25 minutes drive from our hotel

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