The time to go to Naganuma Lake has come.

It has been considered as one of the Olympic candidate sites for boat races.

This area is very calm and during the summer time the lake will be covered by many of lotus flowers.

You may go around into the lotus garden on the lake by traditional boat.

Or you may fly over the lake by Cessna to find lotus field from the sky.


It could be a good experience for everybody and I believe it could good mean for  VIP guests.
This is the Semine air base near Naganuma Lake.

Naganuma Lake is located in Tome City, next to Minami Sanriku Town.It is convenient also by Shinkansen and Tohoku Motor Way.

But there is one problem, there is no big accomodation around Naganuma Lake. So we Hotel Kanyo as a large hotel may be one of the accomodations to welcome you.

It takes 45 minutes by car from Minami Sanriku to Naganuma.