Kitakami river is the 4th biggest river in Japan with its length of 249km.
It will take place a boat race around the Kitakami bridge in Kawasaki town of Iwate on sunday 09 Sept. 2018. 

Kitakami river was used as a highway of transportation by boat before, however now the riverside is considered as a place to be relaxed or to play activities such as this boat race.

"E" means various things, for example, it stands for Exchange, Easy, Ecological, Everybody, Enjoyable and more depending on each persons.

60 teams are joining every year.

From Kids to Seniors.

10 persons on each boat.

Time trial of 2 sets.

Top 5 will run for final.

For more details, please go to the following organizer's link
All the photos are of the last years.

It is only 1 hour drive from Shizugawa to Kitakami bridge.
Let's go!
By Sergio