This time, I would like to introduce Hagurosan Shrine in Ishinomaki City, next to Minamisanriku-cho where the hotel is located.

Along with Hiyoriyama Park, it is known locally as a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, and it is also popular as a walking course due to its excellent view.

If you go around from the Ishinomaki City Library side of the stairs that continue from the precincts, you can also climb on a relatively gentle slope.

If you walk from Ishinomaki Station, you will have to climb 275 long stone steps.

It consists of two shrines, Toya Shrine and Haguro Shrine. There is Toya Shrine in front.

The view looking back from Toya Shrine.

Dragons are often placed in shrines, and it is said that they borrow the power of the dragon god to bring luck.

Many people come to see the cherry blossoms at Haguroyama Park during the cherry blossom season.

At the shrine office, you can purchase a Blue Impulse stamp book, and some people come just to buy it.

Access to "Hagurosan Toya Shrine " ; About 50 minutes drive from our hotel.

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