This time, I would like to introduce the 3.11 Disaster Recovery Memorial Park in Higashimatsushima City, which is one of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Parks built somewhere in the disaster area.

The JR Nobiru Station platform is preserved as the remains of the earthquake disaster, and is located in the "Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Park " that has been developed along with the existing facilities and the damaged land in the vicinity. Through the photo panels and videos, you can learn the memories and lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the history of reconstruction town development.




You can see what happened before the earthquake on the JR Nobiru Station platform.


Earthquake Reconstruction Tradition Hall

Introducing the record of the earthquake disaster, the reconstruction situation, etc. with photo panels, videos, etc.


A ticket vending machine suitable for the disaster, a clock whose time stops at the time of the earthquake (around14:46).


Prayer Square 

A memorial monument (earthquake reconstruction monument) is set up. A space for visitors to pray is created by enshrining the name plates of those who died inside.

Access to "3.11 Disaster Recovery Memorial Park " ; About 55 minutes drive from our hotel.

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