" Harutsuge don " ( Collaboration with local spring vegetables )

Today, I would like to introduce Minamisanriku Kirakira Don, a specialty of Minamisanriku.

Please come to our hotel to eat the seasonal Kirakira(gliter) bowl !

Received the Jury special Award of  " Food Action Japan Award 2014 "


Minamisanriku Kirakira Don was born the idea of the proprietress of our hotel from the desire to liven up Minamisanriku Town in the wake of Miyagi Prefecture's first destination campaign in 2008.

After that, we called on restaurants in the town to make it easier for people who visited Minamisanriku to enjoy delicious local ingredients. Then, it became " Food to revitalize the town ", and in December 2009, each restaurant in Minamisanriku-cho began to offer " Minamisanriku Kirakira Don " that  makes the best use of the individuality of each restaurant. Furthermore, the activities were carried out throughout the year, with " Harutsuge Don " in spring, " Uni Don " in summer, " Akiuma Don " in autumn,  and " Ikura Don " in winter.

This initiative has been highly evaluated, and we have received the special jury prize of the 6th  " Food Action Nippon Award 2014 " as a project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

" Uni Don "  ( Enjoy super fresh shelled sea urchin and raw sea urchin )

" Akiuma Don " ( Excellent sashimi of saury and bonito )

" Ikura Don " ( Full of glittering salmon roe )


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We are performing a screening event of the documentary movie " Life Goes On ( Japanese title : Ichiyo-raifuku ) "  from the end of February.

It was to stage the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, including the Minami Sanriku.
【 "Life Goes On" Special Screening 】
No entrance fee  /  Outside guests also welcome
Period : till April 28th / Wed
Time : 4:30 pm  ~ 6:00 pm
Place : Club Ryugu ( 5th Floor )
*Japanese language only but may feel something to see the scenerary

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