Satohama Shell Mound is located between Ishinomaki and Matsushima where was lived by Jomon people, ancestors of Japanese, from 6,800 to 2,000 years ago for more than 4,000 years. Shell mound is long 600m and wide 200m thick 6m.

These faces are believed as typical Jomon people. The origin of Jomon people is considered as the Sundaland (former South East Asia) or the Siberia.

Jewelry of Jomon people, jadestone.

Arrowheads, for hunting.

House of Jomon people.

Excavation of Satohama started from Taisho Era, 100 years ago.

This is a replica of Jomon venus.

Sannai Maruyama ruins, the biggest Jomon village of Japan in Aomori, 40 hectare big.

New fashions of Jomon girl and Yayoi girl.

It is only 1 hour from Shizugawa to Satohama by Sanriku Motorway.
Please experience ancient Japan.

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