Kira Kira (Glittering) Bowl

Minami Sanriku Kira Kira Don or Kira Kira Bowl was created by the idea of Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo in 2008 in order to live up the town of Minami Sanriku.
Then, it was diffused to several restaurants of the town in 2009.
There are 4 series of bowls according to the foods of four seasons, such as “Spring Coming Bowl”, “Summer Sea Urchin Bowl”, “Tasty Autumn Bowl” and “Winter Salmon Roe Bowl”.
It was Awarded the prize of Food Action Nippon FAN Award 2014″ by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

“Spring Coming Bowl”, collaboration with the local vegetables.

“Summer Sea Urchin Bowl”, rich Sea Urchin with husk.

Completely covered by Sea Urchin.

“Tasty Autumn Bowl”, seasonal Saury and Bonito.

Another version of “Tasty Autumn Bowl”, with Conger Eel Tempura.

“Winter Salmon Roe Bowl”, covered by shining Salmon Roe, Salmon Rose and Abalone.

Please come to enjoy yummy Minami Sanriku.

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Jomon Shell Mound at Satohama

Satohama Shell Mound is located between Ishinomaki and Matsushima where was lived by Jomon people, ancestors of Japanese, from 6,800 to 2,000 years ago for more than 4,000 years. Shell mound is long 600m and wide 200m thick 6m.

These faces are believed as typical Jomon people. The origin of Jomon people is considered as the Sundaland (former South East Asia) or the Siberia.

Jewelry of Jomon people, jadestone.

Arrowheads, for hunting.

House of Jomon people.

Excavation of Satohama started from Taisho Era, 100 years ago.

This is a replica of Jomon venus.

Sannai Maruyama ruins, the biggest Jomon village of Japan in Aomori, 40 hectare big.

New fashions of Jomon girl and Yayoi girl.

It is only 1 hour from Shizugawa to Satohama by Sanriku Motorway.
Please experience ancient Japan.

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三是: 2.14日的是情人節。這天和本館員工一起去各個地方發巧克力。







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The 5th Kataribe Symposium in Tohoku, Division Meeting No.1

It has been taken place of the 5th Kataribe Symposium in Tohoku at Minami Sanriku Hotel KANYO on 24th&25th February 2019.

It is almost passed 9 years from the Grate East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th March 2011.

After the opening ceremony and main discussion hold more than 2 hours, we have opened division meeting titles “Kataribe to the world” inviting who are interested in the international activities to attract foreigners to Sanriku coast area.

Mr. SHIRAI, as coordinator, of Toshiba opened the meeting to focus the potential and possibility to be accepted Kataribe in the world.

58 visitors attended to the meeting, not only Japanese, but also from Taiwan, Philippines, Iran, Italy where experienced big quakes recently.

4 panelists are ready to show their activities and wishes.

First, Ms. Julia from Germany has explained the stories in Germany after the World War 2nd and Belin’s wall opening to unite into one Germany.

2nd, Mr.Yamauchi, formar Shizugawa High School Master, shown his wished to establish international chain of Kataribe network not only inside Japan.

Ms. Kamitani working in Iwate, after experiences in UK and USA, expressed her satisfaction to show the people of affected area by her own way.

To end, Ms.Angela from USA, as ambassador of Minami Sanriku explained her contribution to organize large Christmas party for the kids of the town.

Time was not enough, due that all the panelists have been heated up. However, I believe that we are going to the next stage to act in the more international field to let the “Kataribe” as an international word same as “Tsunami”. 

Mr. Shirai has concluded perfectly, we will meet next year in Kobe to discuss more in detail.

Thanks to all and see you again.


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Sharks are believed dengerous, but it is ferocious only 10% of sharks of the world. It means 90% of shark is calm and friendly to us.
Kesennuma is the biggest port to unload 90% of sharks in Japan.
The life of Kesennnuma is relied on the sharks.

Blue Shark

Heart of Salmon Shark

Great White Shark

Shark Fin

Whale Shark

Kesennuma Shark Museum

Wallet made of shark skin

Shark Jeans

Big mouth

Please come to Kesennuma to experience the culture of shark.
It is less than 1 hour drive from Minami Sanriku to Kesennuma.

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