This time, I will show you how to get to ” Shiokaze no sora”(The sky of the See breeze) on the roof.

First, take the elevator in the East Building from the lobby (5th floor) to the 10th floor.


Arrived on the 10th floor of the East Building. 

When the door opens, you can see the scenery in the photo above.

When you get off the elevator, turn right and you will see the sign of the emergency exit stairs.

Climb the stairs and you will see the rooftop entrance.

The door is not an automatic door.
It is available from 4:00 to 22:00.

You may meet black-tailed gulls and seagulls !

Front of Shizugawa Bay

You can see the peninsula and Tsubaki Island on your right.

You can see Areshima and the fishing port on your left.

You can see 「海の見える命の森 ( Ocean View Forest of Life )」 behind you on your left.

Jalan Jalan from our Hotel ( Buddha’s Eye )

☆彡 On sunny nights, you can see the beautiful starry sky certified by the Ministry of the Environment. ☆彡

Good day ! from Minhong

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