This time, I'd like to introduce Venus-no-yu , a nearby hot spring, as a "Kanyo plus one".

Venus-no-Yu is a one-day hot spring facility located on the shores of Lake Naganuma, a colony of lotus.

You can enjoy the seasonal flowers and the blue sky in nature, and enjoy walking and marathon with the sparkle of water. There is a Futopia Park and Boat Stadium, and at the Tohoku Food Marathon in the spring and the Hyoroyama Park pier in the summer, you can board a sightseeing boat and see the spectacular view of Naganuma. After enjoying the healing effect of the natural bath, taking a hot spring brings out the natural healing power of the body and becomes a recovery agent.

It takes about 5 minutes by car from Venus-no-Yu to reach Futopia Park. Footpia Park has a campsite, a long 111m roller slide, and an athletic plaza.   The windmill at dusk was so fantastic!

[Dutch windmill]

It is a wind turbine that operates only with wind power, which is only a few in Japan ordered from the Netherlands.
Currently, it is operated by a windmill engineer every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
The windmill, which stands on a small hill and is over 21m high, takes in the wind and is very magnificent, and many customers enjoy taking pictures and videos.

[  About 50 minutes drive to Venus-no-Yu hot spring   ]

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