High School Baseball Championship Preliminary in Miyagi

The hot summer season of high school baseball is coming also to Miyagi.

This is elimination, only 1 school can go to national championship in Koshien stadium.
They will start to play on 13 July in 5 stadiums of Miyagi for 2 weeks until the final of 28 July.
The baseball has arrived from USA and loved very much in Japan.

1 of 5 locations is in Minami Sanriku at Utatsu, called “Shiokaze Sea Breeze Stadium”. Our Shizugawa High School will play on 14 July here.

There is also Ishinomaki Stadium. This stadium was constructed by US supports after tsunami of 2011 with the name of “Tomodachi” which means friends.
Looking from the outfield

The meeting before match.

Heating up


Looking from back net

Only 20 minutes drive to Shiokaze Sea Breeze Stadium from Kanyo.


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