It was a large amusement park of 15ha in Osaki City for families, but now unfortunately it is as an abandoned ruin.

Main gate to the leisure park.

Entrance for Princess.

It was open in 1979 successfully by a business man with some billion of yen and recorded 200-300 thousand visitors per year.

Publicity in 1979.

Ferris wheel.

Coffee cup round.

However after the long recession in 1990s, the number of visitors was reduced drastically even dug out a hot spring.

Kejonuma Park Hotel

They have tried to get support also by crowdfunding to re-open the leisure land, but it was failed.

Puff puff train.

Major playthings.

The owner is still looking for a successor, but it may be still under negotiation.

Merry go round.


One of the travel agencies in Sendai has organized a day tour to visit the leisure land to find as it is. Japanese and some foreign TV also have reported.

Lake Kejonuma.

“Teruyahime”, sad Princess of Lake Kejonuma.

It is not allowed to enter without permission.
You can see only from outside.
Only 1 hour drive from Hotel Kanyo.