The hot summer season of high school baseball has come also to Miyagi.

This is elimination, only 1 school can go to national championship in Koshien stadium.
They have started to play on 14 July in 4 stadiums of Miyagi for 2 weeks until the final of 30 July.
The baseball has arrived from USA and loved very much in Japan.
I have enjoyed first round of match Kesennuma High School vs Kashimadai Business School at Ishinomaki Baseball Stadium.
It was very hot, but they were trying the best play.

This stadium was constructed by US supports after tsunami of 2011 with the name of "Tomodachi" which means friends.
Entrance of Ishinomaki Baseball Stadium

Kesennuma has defeated Kashimadai at 8-1.

Shizugawa High School will play tomorrow on Wednesday 19 July at Kashimadai Stadium.

Drum to support the team.

Looking from the outfield

It was windy day

The meeting

Heating up

Supporters of Kashimadai

Leading Kesennuma

Looking from back net

Supporters of Kesennuma

Offensive Kashimadai

Supporting flag of Kesennuma, means "Champion of Sanriku"

Only 40 minutes drive to Ishinomaki Baseball Stadium from Kanyo.