It is no exaggeration to say that it is a symbol of Ishinomaki. The large torii gate of Kashimamiko Shrine in Hiyoriyama has to be dismantled due to the risk of collapse due to repeated earthquakes and deterioration over time. It was dismantled.

It is this torii gate that always appears in the media that introduces Ishinomaki City. This time, I would like to introduce the reconstructed torii gate.

I looked at the torii from various angles.



Torii seen from Kashimamiko Shrine


Torii seen from below


This torii was dedicated by a local company.   It seems that Ogatsu stone from Ishinomaki is used for the pedestal part.

After the torii was dismantled, it was a very murderous landscape.


Before the dismantling, the torii was watching over people for more than 80 years from 1935.    


Access to the Hiyoriyama, 50 minutes drive from our hotel

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