One of the great pleasures during your stay is meals! It's even more fun to try local sake with your meal. Therefore, this time I would like to introduce the local sake offered in our hotel.

*Level of Sake... This is a scale dry or sweet of Japanese Sake. Higher figure is more dry.

Medium -1.4~+1,4  / Dry +1.5~3.4 / Very Dry  +3.5~+5.9

●  羽衣伝説の里 ( Hagoromo Legend )  Taste +3.5,300ml

Light and dry taste draft sake

from Kami Town

● 特別純米酒 澤乃泉 ( Sawanoizumi Special Pure Sake )  Taste +1 to 3, 300ml

Pure sake balanced with aroma and taste, made by genuine rice of Tome

from Tome City

● 一ノ蔵本醸造生酒ひゃっこい ( Ichinokura Hyakkoi Draft )  Taste +4 to 6, 300ml

Very dry draft sake, easy to drink for everybody

from Osaki City

● 蒼天伝 特別本醸造 (Sotenden Authentically-brewed)

Taste +4,  720ml

Smooth, easy and good with seafood

from Kesennuma City

● 日高見 山田錦純米 (Hitakami Pure Yamadanishiki Rice)

Taste +2,  720ml

Smooth, easy and good with seafood

from Kesennuma City

● 金紋両国 吟醸 (Kinmon Ryogoku Selected)

Taste +2.5,  720ml

Strong taste of pure rice, slightly fruity

from Kesennuma City

● 一ノ蔵 特別純米酒 (Ichinokura Special Pure Sake)

Taste +1 to 3,  720ml

Smart and soft, clear taste of sake

from Osaki City

● 純米吟醸 浦霞禅 (Uragasumi Pure Selected)

Taste +1 to 2,  720ml

Balanced pure mild rice flavor

from Shiogama City

● 水鳥記 特別純米酒 (Mizutoriki Special Pure Sake)

Taste +2.5,  720ml

Very best sake used only 55% of core rice

from Kesennuma City


Why don't you try Miyagi's local sake with your meal ?


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