I visited Shiogama Shrine last month.

Shiogama Jinja is a Shinto shrine in the city of Shiogama.

Enshrined kami  ....  Three kami are enshrined at Shiogama Jinja, in three separate buildings : Shiotsuchi-Oji-no-Kami in the betsugu(detached sanctuary), Takemikazuchi-no-Kami in the sagu(left sanctuary), and Futsunushi-no-Kami in the ugu(right sancturay). Shiwahiko Jinja is dedicated to another kami, Shiwahiko-no-kami.

Since there is no parking lot at the Omotesando exit, I walk up on the Higashisando exit.

After passing through the torii gate. .. ..

There is a museum.  

And then, Shiwahiko Jinja

Within the precincts of Shiogama Jinja is the Shiwahiko Jinja, another shrine with a long history and important rank within Shinto shrine hierarchy.

Zuishinmon, Inportant Cultural Property

Both the Haiden and the Heiden are lacquered in vermilion and black and are designated as cultural assets of Shiogama city.  The deity of this shrine is regarded as a guardian of agriculture.

↑ Looking down, you can see the torii gate at the Omotesando exit.

↓ You can see the city of Shiogama and Matsushima Bay.


[  About 1 hour 10 minutes drive from our hotel  ]

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