Since last week, we have decorated the Hina dolls for the Hina Matsuri, so this time I would like to introduce you to the Hina Matsuri.

These Hina dolls were donated to cheer us up after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Hinamatsuri, also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in Japan. Celebrated on 3 March of each year, platforms covered with a red carpet-material are used to display a set of ornamental dolls(hina-ningyo) representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period.

First, top platform

The top tier holds two dolls, known as Odairi-sama(Emperor) and Ohinasama(Empress). The two are usually placed in front of a gold folding screen byobu.

Second platform

The second tier holds three court ladies san-nin kanjo who serve sake to the male and female dolls. Two of them are standing with serving utensils, one with a long handle (Nagae no chōshi) and the other with a short one (Kuwae no chōshi). The third (Sanpō), placed in the middle, holds a small table and may be standing or sitting/kneeling.

Accessories placed between the ladies are takatsuki , stands with round table-tops for seasonal sweets, excluding hishi mochi.

Third platform

The third tier holds five male musicians gonin bayashi. Each holds a musical instrument except the singer, who holds a fan:

1  Small drum (Taiko), seated,

2 Large drum (Ōtsuzumi), standing,

3 Hand drum (Kotsuzumi), standing,

4 Flute (Fue), or Yokobue, seated,

5 Singer (Utaikata), holding a folding fan (sensu), standing.

Fourth platform

Two ministers (daijin) may be displayed on the fourth tier. These may be the emperor's bodyguards, or administrators in Kyoto: the Minister of the Right (Udaijin) and the Minister of the Left (Sadaijin). Both are sometimes equipped with bows and arrows. When representing the ministers, the Minister of the Right is depicted as a young person, while the Minister of the Left is older because that position was the more senior of the two. 

Fifth platform

The fifth tier, between the plants, holds three helpers (shichō) or protectors (eji) of the Emperor and Empress:

1 Crying drinker nakijōgo

2 Angry drinker okorijōgo

3 Laughing drinker waraijōgo

Other platforms

On the other tiers, a variety of miniature furniture, tools, carriages, etc., are displayed.  Some of them are items used within the palatial residence.

It is said that if you delay storing the dolls, your marriage will be delayed (superstition), so you may not be able to see them after March 3rd.

Stay and Enjoy a delicious meal, Onsen(hot spring) with Infinity open-air bath , and a hina decorations.

Please listen to the popular Hinamatsuri songs that all Japanese people know !!

Good day ! from Minhong

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