New Year's Fire Review is done in each regions of Japan at the beginning of the year by firemen.

It is a ceremony to start the prevention, but it is now a kind of attraction. This is Tokyo "fire engine show".

Water show.

Acrobat show?

Japanese "Cirque du Soleil"?

Fire review in Suzuka. Formula 1?

Such review was started in 1659 in Edo (now Tokyo) because of the big fires caused quite often by dry climate covering the Kanto plains especialy in winter season.

Fire review By Utagawa Hiroshige, noted Edo painter.

This review is done even now even in Minami Sanriku inviting all the firemen of the town.

300 firemen attended in Minami Sanriku.

Parade of fire engines.

Satisfied Traffic commander after review.

In Japan we say "Hi No Youjin", means be careful about fire or watch out for fire.