The Sanriku Expressway is the most important road to access to Sanriku region by car.

It starts from Sendai Ko Kita (Sendai Port North) and ends at Miyako in Iwate Prefecture, however many portions are still under construction and to be completed only in 2020 at the Olympic year.

The highway toll is payable between Sendai and Naruse, but it is free from Naruse to northward.

Service Area of Kasuga for brake.

It was open the first portion between Matsushima-Osato and Matsushima-Kita (North) in 1982, 35 years ago. Then, connected to Monou-Tsuyama in 2007.

Monou Tsuyama is the most convenient exit to come to Hotel Kanyo.

There is the Road Station "Moku Moku Land" where are available local foods and wooden works.

Dog run available at Mitakido Exit

The Prime Minister Abe visited for inauguration of Shizugawa Exit last year.





Thanks to this road, you may come to Minami Sanriku from Sendai in less than 2 hours by car.

In Minami Sanriku, it is now completed to Minami Sanriku Kaigan (Coast), and will be completed to Utatsu within several months.

Hope to be more convenient to travel in Sanriku region in the future.