6 years have past from the day 11 March 2011.
It was disastered by huge Tsunami also our area of Minami Sanriku.

The town is still under constructions, but it was open Sanriku Morotway to Shizugawa from Sendai last year.

We are trying to memorize the tragedy and its victims forever in our way.
On 29 January 2017, we had Kataribe storytellers' forum of Tsumani to encourage the activities of all Kataribe in Tohoku region to the world.

Traditional Sumo wrestling song played by ladies from Kamaishi.

On 11 March 2017, we prayed in silent for 1 minute toward the ocean with visitors to remember the tragedy.

We set a monument on a hill near to the ocean with message "Instruction for one thousand or ten thousands years, save yourself by yourself in case of tsunami".

Let's pray for the victims and for the future.