Shizugawa bay sightseeing boat

Can you tell the difference between a black-tailed gull and a seagull?
Black-tailed gulls have black and vermilion beaks, yellow legs, and a dark gray line tail.
The seagull has a vermilion beak, pink legs, and a white tail. Seagulls are bigger than black-tailed gulls.

You can enjoy the sea of Minamisanriku by playing with black-tailed gulls while gazing at the scenery of the rough capes and islands [Areshima, Nojima, Tsubakijima (national natural monument)] peculiar to the ria coast.

[Operating hours]
Departure from the hotel (10:15)
→ Depart from the fishing port quay (around 10:30) → Arrive at the fishing port quay (around 11:30)
We will pick you up from the hotel to the departure point. (15 minutes)
* There is no parking lot at the departure / arrival area. If you have more than 8 people, please feel free to contact us at times other than the above.

[Boarding time]
Approximately 55 minutes

[Fare (general)]
Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,200 yen
Children (elementary school students) 600 yen * Free for preschoolers
[Fare (group discount * 15 people or more)]
Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,080 yen
Junior and senior high school students 840 yen
Children (elementary school students) 540 yen * Free for preschoolers

[Reservation method]
Please contact the front desk (extension number 8).

↑ Miyagi salmon farm
↓ Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo from Shizugawa Bay

↑ Areshima Island

* Please check in advance as the service may be suspended due to weather or other circumstances.
* Please pay only in cash at the hotel.
* There is no parking lot at the departure and arrival points of sightseeing boats. Please use the transfer from the hotel.
* When making a reservation, please apply to the front desk by 18:00 the day before.

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