Miyagi, waiting for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Rifu Town also was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
However is will be a place to welcome Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 even it is 350km far from Tokyo.
Why? Because there is a beautiful stadium for football or soccer and they want to show how recovered to say thanks to the world.

Stadium was completely repaired in order to guarantee the safety, Japan’s national team has played against Uruguay with spectators of more than 45,000.

This is another match Japan vs Togo.

It is named “Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi”, means “stadium of love at first sight”, but it is connected to the Miyagi’s local rice brand name.

Important match, Japan vs Turkey, 2002 World Cup played in Rifu.

In Rifu, there is another speciality of Miyagi, that is pears.

Street pear shops are waiting for you.

Only 1 hour drive to Rifu from Hotel Kanyo.



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