This friday it will be taken place of Girls’ Festival or Hinamatsuri in all over Japan.

Dolls displayed at Minami Sanriku Hotel KANYO.

It is a Japanese tradition to pray healthy growth of girls, by decorationg dolls with flowers of peach and donating tiny rice balls and rhombus-shaped colourful rice cakes.

Rice Balls

Rice Cake

It is 3rd March every year.
Origin of Himamatsuri may derive from Kyoto of about 1,000 years ago, but it is spread to all of Japan in Edo period 400 years ago.

In Tohoku it is a little bit different from other area of Japan. We hang dolls from the ceiling. This is “Kazaribina” or hanging dolls of Senmaya district of Ichinoseki City in Iwate.

They donate and decolate also Sake which is important for Senmaya area.

Only 1 hour drive to Senmaya from Shizugawa to experience authentic Japanese festival.