Do you know that there is an octopus shrine in Minamisanriku-cho where our hotel is located?

The official name is Iriya Hachiman Shrine. Iriya Hachiman Shrine is known as "Hachiman-san" and has long been worshiped as the god of happiness.

First, go through the concrete torii gate.

After climbing several dozen steps, the shrine office is on the left, and beyond that is the second red torii gate.

And, after climbing several dozen steps, there is the last red torii gate.

After passing through the last red torii gate, there is the worship hall. There is a bronze statue of an octopus in front of the worship hall.

.The area is known as 'Akashi in the west, Shizugawa in the east' and is known for its octopus production. Octopus means that if you place it in Japanese, you will pass the exam. Octopus-shaped paperweights are popular as exam goods because the English name Octopus is a pun on the word "pass (to pass the exam) when placed".

Looking back from the worship hall, I look at the stairs I climbed.

《 Sacred tree cedar 》
The tree is said to be over 450 years old.

Access to "Iriya Hachiman Shrine " ; About 11 minutes drive from our hotel.

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