The other day, I went to ”Jogi-san”, a temple of the common people's worship, which has been the heart of many people since ancient times. ..
The official name is Jodo-shu Gokurakuzan Saihoji Temple.


A magnificent mountain gate welcomes you.


On both sides, there are statues of Nio with a brave face.


The mausoleum "Sadayoshido", which stands on the tomb of Taira no Sadayoshi, can be seen in front of the mountain gate.


"Matching God Tree"
It looks like one, but it was originally two zelkova trees.


Hydrangea was in full bloom.


O-HONDO / Main Hall

The Jogi Amida Nyorai, which is the principal image, is enshrined.



The interior of the main hall is brilliantly decorated.


Five-Storied Pagoda

The five-storied pagoda was erected as a symbol to pray for the memorial service of Tairano Sadayoshi and the permanent peace of humankind.


After worshiping, most people go to the long-established tofu specialty store "Jogi Tofu Store". Here you can enjoy the famous "Triangle Jogi Aburaage(deep-fried bean curd)". 


Lightly sprinkle with red pepper and soy sauce, it's delicious!


Access to "Jogi-san  Saihoji temple" ; About 2 hours drive from our hotel

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