In early February, I went for a walk to " Ocean View Forest of Life" during my lunch break.

Leave the hotel and walk towards Shizugawa. On a clear winter day, expectations are high for the scenery on the hill.

Going up in the mood of hiking as usual, the Minamisanriku Great Buddha welcomed us as usual.

I decided to come here this time because there was a model of a completed hut on the wooden deck in the hotel lobby, so I decided to take a look at it.

Once inside, about 5 adults can enter,
Lofts and lighting will be installed in the future.

And the wood used for this Utdeck is
We use chestnut trees, which are rare in this area.
It seems that chairs and tables will be installed in the future.

It is a view from the place that went straight ahead on this wooden deck. When the weather is nice, the sky and the sea are dazzling.

There is a biomass toilet, but please be careful as it cannot be used when there are no events.

Information and leaflets are available in the hotel lobby.

It's easy to go, so please take a walk. And enjoy the beautiful scenery of Minamisanriku.


Good day ! from Minhong

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