This time, we will show you how to get to Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo by public transportation.

If you are coming from Sendai, take the JR Tohoku Line and change to JR Ishinomaki Line at Kogota Station to Maeyachi Station.

At Maeyachi Station, take the JR Kesen-Numa Line bound for Yanaizu. The next station is drawn as Wabuchi.

It was a snowy day in mid-January.

There are 4stops (Wabuchi - Nonodake - Rikuzentoyosato - Mitakedo) to Yanaizu Station for about 20 minutes plus.

After crossing the railway bridge, you will soon arrive at Yanagizu station.

When you get off the train and go straight, you will reach the BRT(Bus Rapid Transit System) platform.

I introduced Yanagizu station on my blog before.

One of the popular spots ... It's Yanaizu Station !

Take the BRT.

The BRT also has a space for luggage.

After passing Yokoyama Station, you will pass through the 3508-meter Yokoyama Tunnel.As soon as you pass through the tunnel, you will arrive at Rikuzen-Togura Station. (About 20 minutes.)

Arrived at Rikuzen-Togura Station.                ( Photos were taken on the other day.)

There is a free transfer from Rikuzen-Togura Station.
(Advance reservation required)

You can also come by BRT from JR Kesennuma Station.

The experience on the train and BRT is also interesting!



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