"Momiji" or "Koyo", we say in Japan for autumnal tints.

66% of Japanese land is covered by trees.

It is green, but in autumn the color of trees will be changed.

This is appreciated by tourists when the color of trees becomes in red or in yellow.

Maple is very loved by Japanese for autumnal tints to enjoy.

The season starts from September in Hokkaido, October in Tohoku and ends in December in Kyushu.

We say "Momiji hunting", it was started in Heian period of more than 1000 years ago.

Various places are famous for "Momiji hunting" such as Oirase Aomori, Nikko Tochigi, Kyoto, Oze Gumma-Fukushima, Akiyoshidai Yamaguchi, Shimanto Kochi etc.

You may enjoy in Minami Sanriku also.

Mount Tatsuganesan.

Hikoro no sato Village.

Yokoyama Fudoson, Tome.

Try to hunt your best "Momiji" in Japan!


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