One of the popular spots … It’s Yanaizu Station !


As I wrote the blog on June 24 about Okaeri Mone which is a Japanese television drama series, this drama is set in Kesennuma City and Tome City next to Minamisanriku Town, where our hotel is located.

The JR Kesen-Numa Line will appear in the drama, and Yanaizu Station is a hot topic.

This station is the terminal station of the Kesen-Numa Line as a railway line, and is a connecting station with the BRT(Bus Rapid Transit System).

The station building has also a tourist product building “Yu Cabin”.

Many people like the nostalgic appearance with the mountains in the background.

The timetable has a schedule of only 9 trains a day.

If you go after checking the time, you can see the train departing.

There is a BRT platform on the left side of the front of the station building.

The waiting BRT bus is parked.

[  About 20 minutes drive to Yanaizu Station  ]

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