Kanyo plus one ~ Miharashi-no-oka ~


On the way to work, cross the Yanaizu Ohashi Bridge, enter National Highway No. 45, there is the Miharashi-no-oka(Hill of the view points) sign along the road about 300 meters away.

Start climbing the grassy stairs.

Climb further …

Looking back, you can see National Highway No. 45. If you continue straight by car, you will reach the ” Mokumokuland land” in 5 minutes and Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo in 20 minutes.

You will reach the top in less than 5 minutes. There was a covered rest area.

You can see JR Yanaizu Station behind the sawmill. Yanaizu station was introduced in the blog on July 21st.

One of the popular spots … It’s Yanaizu Station !

You can see the blue iron bridge on the JR Kesen-Numa Line over the Kitakami River.

You can’t see a particularly famous place, but you can feel the countryside of Japan that has been around for a long time….



[  About 20 minutes drive to Miharashi-no-oka  ]


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