On the way to work, cross the Yanaizu Ohashi Bridge, enter National Highway No. 45, there is the Miharashi-no-oka(Hill of the view points) sign along the road about 300 meters away.

Start climbing the grassy stairs.

Climb further ...

Looking back, you can see National Highway No. 45. If you continue straight by car, you will reach the " Mokumokuland land" in 5 minutes and Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo in 20 minutes.

You will reach the top in less than 5 minutes. There was a covered rest area.

You can see JR Yanaizu Station behind the sawmill. Yanaizu station was introduced in the blog on July 21st.

One of the popular spots … It’s Yanaizu Station !

You can see the blue iron bridge on the JR Kesen-Numa Line over the Kitakami River.

You can't see a particularly famous place, but you can feel the countryside of Japan that has been around for a long time....



[  About 20 minutes drive to Miharashi-no-oka  ]


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