Jalan Jalan Meijimura @ Toyoma-town in Tome-city

One day, I went to Meiji Village, Miyagi Prefecture.  Meiji Village is a place where facilities and city scapes that leave a strong impression of the Meiji era.

” Jalan Jalan” means to take a walk in Indonesian, and I often use it because the sound of the words is exciting !

< Former Toyoma Higher Normal Elementary School   (Education Museum)  >

As a castle town during the feudal era, it prospered as the prefectural capital  of Toyoma prefecture due to the abolition of the feudal clan after the Meiji period.

< Old street  >

Travel back in time as walking down the street.

Mmm… Nostalgic feeling !!

< Police Museum >

I found a walking course sign along the street. We can enjoy both Meijimura and Kitakami River on a 3.5km course. It’s  an easy course.

Let’s ” Jalan Jalan

* Kitakami River is the fourth largest river in Japan and largest in the Tohoku region.

Two years ago, when I went there in mid-September,

the festival was just taking place …


Please kindly check the latest informations from Official website

Meiji Village Museum of Miyagi(Japanese)

 English brochure

1/2 hour drive from our hotel

Good day ! from Minhong

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