There was another tragedy in Tohoku, in a small village of Iwate Prefecture.

More than 300 catholic were martyred in Okago village in a deep mountain side during early Edo era around 400 years ago.

It was in 1549 the first arrival to Japan of the Society of Jesus at Kagoshima, south of Kyushu island.

Catholicism was accepted by Lord Oda Nobunaga and spread into Japan.
However the following Shogunate Tokugawa Ieyasu has prohibited in 1614.
That is the reason why created “Underground Christians”.

The entrance to the cave.

The holy place inside the cave with Maria.

In Okago, some people has returned to Shintoism or Buddhism by force, however somebody continued to be Catholics but in underground.
They were killed miserably.

The place of execution in “Ueno” area.

Another place of execution “Tokizo” area.

Now they don’t have to worry to be Catholic as it is constructed a church.

Less than 1 hour drive from Hotel Kanyo to go to Okago Christian Martyrdom Memorial Park. The place to go for Catholics.


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