One day in mid-January, I went to Wakuya Castle Ruins Shiroyama Park.

<Wakuya Castle Ruins>

The ruins of Wakuya Castle are called Shiroyama Park, and are known as a famous place for cherry blossoms with cherry blossom trees planted. Next to the corner turret (Taikodo), there is a Wakuya Municipal Historical Museum (actually Wakuya Castle is Hirayama Castle) that imitates the castle tower. Excavated items from Wakuya are on display.

As I proceeded through Shiroyama Park, camellia flowers were in bloom on my right.

Proceeding further, you will find the red balustrade bridge.

The pond is frozen.

And beyond that, there is Wakuya Shrine.

Go through the torii gate and head to the shrine.

On the offering box(Osaisenbako), there was a panel of the zodiac signs of the year of the tiger.

On the right side, you can see many votive tablets(Ema) hanging.      A wish is written.

Castle from a different angle.

The castle at night is floating in the light.

The snowy Eai River that flows beside the park is also beautiful.


[  About 50 minutes drive from Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo   ]

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