Minami Sanriku Kira Kira Don or Kira Kira Bowl was created by the idea of Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo in 2008 in order to live up the town of Minami Sanriku.
Then, it was diffused to several restaurants of the town in 2009.
There are 4 series of bowls according to the foods of four seasons, such as “Spring Coming Bowl”, “Summer Sea Urchin Bowl”, “Tasty Autumn Bowl” and “Winter Salmon Roe Bowl”.
It was Awarded the prize of Food Action Nippon FAN Award 2014″ by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

“Spring Coming Bowl”, collaboration with the local vegetables.

“Summer Sea Urchin Bowl”, rich Sea Urchin with husk.

Completely covered by Sea Urchin.

“Tasty Autumn Bowl”, seasonal Saury and Bonito.

Another version of “Tasty Autumn Bowl”, with Conger Eel Tempura.

“Winter Salmon Roe Bowl”, covered by shining Salmon Roe, Salmon Rose and Abalone.

Please come to enjoy yummy Minami Sanriku.

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