Tohoku has 18 active volcanoes. Kyushu is noted of its volcanoes such as Aso and Sakurajima, but many beautiful holy volcanoes are concentrated in Tohoku from Aomori to Fukushima creating good hot springs and smell of sulfur.

We start from Aomori “Osorezan” 878m high, most north in Tohoku.
Here is a sanctuary of buddhism.

Akita-Komagatake 1,637m, under observation, erupted in 1970/71.

Iwatesan 2,038m high, last eruption in 1,919, dominates the city of Morioka.

Chokaisan, 2,236m, under observation, looking down the sea of Japan.

Kurikomayama 1,627m high, last eruption in 1,944 will be covered by autumum leaves.

Naruko 470m high, last eruption in 837, with famous traditional onsen hot springs.

Zao 1,841m high, last eruption in 1,940, snow monsters.

Hiuchigatake 2,356m highest in Tohoku erupted in 1,544.

Bandaisan 1,816m high, beautiful form with lakes, erupted in 1,888.

When you climb to the mountains in Japan, you have to register at the check point for the case of emergency.
Enjoy mountain climing.


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