It was running a train loved by the people of Sanriku coast.
This is JR Kesennuma Line.

It was very beautiful especially at the coast of Oya Kaigan under the sunset.

Now it runs only to Yanaizu station and it is suspended the service from Yanaizu to Kesennuma.
This is dead end.

After Yanaizu, there is still the station of Rikuzen Yokoyama, but the train does not arrive to this station.

The reason of suspention is the quake and tsunami caused in 2011.

This was the platform of Shizugawa station, but there is not any more.

It was applaused by many people when the first train departed on 11 December 1977, 39 years ago. This is Motoyoshi station.


Shizugawa station at the time of the first day.

The people of Sanriku coast are still missing this train.
We hope it recovers as soon as possible.

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