Today is the happy 56th Anniversary of Abecho Shoten Co.,Ltd.!!!

Miyagi and Tohoku are famous with its hot springs.
Majority of hot springs are located in the Ou mountain range, however in Minami Sanriku where is sea side they have escavated 2,000m depth from the ground with recent technology to strike spring water vein.

You can watch friendly seagulls flying over hot spring forgetting busy time and relaxing with them.

Onsen terrace toward the ocean. Incredible rich experience.

Try to be early bird for the rising sun from the horizon which is superb view.

Open air onsen and 4 large baths and sauna are available.

Enjoy blue ocean, green islands, panorama to the ocean of soft sun light.

Rocky cave for ladies.

Japanese taste green for mens. Feel ocean breeze, listen to the sounds of waves.

This is Minami Sanriku Onsen. 2 hours from Sendai by free shuttle bus.

Hope to see you here.