Happy Wedding @ Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo !


The wedding and reception party, which had been refrained from for some time due to the influence of the coronavirus, was held at our hotel the other day.

The ceremony was held at the wedding hall “Jukai” on the 1st floor of the hotel. 

The shrine maiden of the hotel staff was a little nervous at the ceremony after a long time, but they were enthusiastic !

After successfully becoming a married couple, they will have a reception at the multipurpose hall “Queen Elizabeth” on the 5th floor of the hotel. About 50 people came and celebrated.

From the bride and groom’s table, all the seats can be seen !

The attendees can see the happy two people from any seat.

The festive party makes the staff happy.

The attendees were satisfied with the dishes that we were proud of.

After a fun feast, the bride and groom stood in front of the folding screen and saw off the attendees.

How was the Japanese wedding reception and reception party ?        If you can see a kimono-style bride on your next stay, you’ll be lucky!


Good day ! from Minhong

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At the hotel shop on “Mother’s Day” last Sunday !

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, wasn’t it?  How did you thank your mother?

At the hotel shop, we have set up a Mother’s Day gift corner from before Mother’s Day to the check-out time at 10 am the next morning of Mother’s Day.

This is a “Thank you Mother Set” and the selling price is 3,988 yen. In Japanese, 39 is read as Thank you, 88 is read as Haha(Haha means Mother). It is a pun price !

The contents are 6 kinds of fish side dishes and 2 kinds of sardine pasta sauce. One handkerchief and one Mother’s Day card.

At Wagon, we sold pecan nuts, strawberry butter sand, handkerchiefs, and two types of moisturizing creams that mothers will be happy with.

Bamboo fiber handkerchiefs with excellent deodorant, antibacterial and water-absorbent properties.

It is a popular strawberry butter sand that won the gold medal at the souvenir grand prix of the railway company.

Next year, if you stay with your mother and give them a present at our shop, it will surely be an unforgettable memory !

Good day ! from Minhong

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マリンパルだより 5月その2













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Kadonowaki Elementary School Ruins


The former Kadowaki Elementary School, which was constructed as the remains of the Great East Japan Earthquake, was opened to the public from April 3rd.

Kadowaki Elementary School is the only earthquake disaster site that leaves traces of the tsunami fire.

The black stone is engraved with a school song along with a picture of the school building before the earthquake.

The school building seen from the parking lot.

The front entrance is quite damaged, but it retains its old shape.

The school building on the left side of the front.

Enter the entrance,

Purchase a ticket and get a pamphlet with a tour route.

After observing the damaged fire engine and the city’s official car exhibited at the indoor playground, I went to the main school building, which is the remains of the earthquake.

A line of tsunami inundation height is drawn in the school building.

The principal’s room and staff room are on the first floor,

There are classrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and you can see what they were like at the time of the earthquake.

From the 3rd floor to the exhibition hall building,

The school emblem was the same as it used to be.
The damage situation of Kadonowaki Elementary School, historical chronology, photos of events, relics, etc. are exhibited.

Photograph at the time of the earthquake

Behind the school building

State of the town before the earthquake

Finally, the temporary housing that was actually used is on display.

I think it is necessary to learn the events and lessons of the earthquake, so if you have the opportunity, please go visit.

Please kindly check the latest information from following site ; Kadonowaki Elementary School Ruins


Access to “Kadonowaki Elementary School Ruins” ; About 50 minutes drive from our hotel

Good day ! from Minhong

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