Autumn Colours in Miyagi

Autumn has come to Miyagi.
This is the season of red, orange or yellow colors on the clear blue sky.
Please do not miss the amazing autumnal tints of leaves in the mountains or in the gardens of Miyagi.
I start from Minami Sanriku.
Hikoro Village with beautiful garden of yellow and green in Iriya area.





Silk House under maple red tints.

Kurikomayama Volcano 1626m high in the blue sky.







Naruko Gorge, bridge between beautiful mixed colors mountains under the blue sky.

Entsuuin of Matsushima, yellow Illuminated.

Shiogama Shrine, red art.

Akiu Fall, dynamic fresh water.

Returning to Minami Sanriku, Kamiwarizaki Cape, we can see rare sunrise orange from the sprit rocks only twice a year in October and February.


Tatsuganesan Mountain, complete blue view of Minami Sanriku.

Please come to Minami Sanriku to feel the pure autumn.


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