It is wooden mosaic work, 275cm high, 300kg weight, registered as national treasure. One of three most important Āryācalanātha of Japan.

He contains a gold Āryācalanātha in his belly which can be seen only every 12 years.

This is Āryācalanātha of Yokoyama.

Pray before opening the body of Āryācalanātha

Main temple where is set Āryācalanātha

Extension ropes to distribute the power of Āryācalanātha to outside prayers

Prayers and Date clan

Hasekura Tsunenaga (left) and Date Masamune (right)

Gate to the temple

Ugui fish, Japanese dace, natural treasure of Japan

Gate to inner sanctuary

You can see a large Japanese cedar, 1000 years old.

They offer several festivals for tourists, Autumn festival is next scheduled on 20 October.

Only 15 minutes from Hotel Kanyo.