Randsel Satchel Back Pack is normally used by school kids in Japan. The elementary school is starting from April. You will see kids with “Randsel” on the back in the morning and the afternoon.

They may bring text books, dictionary, lunch box, drink, music instrument.

Randsel or Dutch “Ransel” was imported from the Netherlands 150 years ago by Japanese army for troops.

It is robust and long lasting made by leather and designed to use for 6 years of elementary school. Recently it is developed to be light using artificial leather.

It is made by hands using more than 100 pieces with lot of process as cut, press, starch, perforate, sew, swage and stitch.

The size also is changing to fit the clear files for A4 size paper in stead of B5.

Black is for boys and red is for girls. However you may find other various colors such as pink, brown, blue, green and more. Gold also available.

You may find one for your cat.

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The price may vary from JPY. 6,000 to 40,000 in Japan. You may buy at the duty free shop of major airports in Japan for souvenir.