Star Party in Minami Sanriku

It was taken place the first Star Party in Minami Sanriku on the roof top of Hotel Kanyo, inviting hotel guests, residents of Minami Sanriku including kids, astronomical lovers of Miyagi and from Kanto.
It was not good weather with clouds and snow, it was very cold or freezing.

Minami Sanriku is still under ricovery from Tsunami of 6 years ago, therefore there is only limited lights in the town, that is why we can observe beautiful stars.
We have set up telescopes anyhow the weather on the roof expecting clear sky under the heavy clouds.

Unfortunately the weather did not recover at the time to start, so we have started stars lecture in the meeting room.

Durung the lecture, the sky of Minami Sanriku was become clear completely.
We have immidiately suspended lecture and rushed to go upstairs to the roof of Hotel Kanyo
This is constellation Orion.

Then we have observed “Subaru”, 6 new stars of M45 Pleiades.

You may know the logo of Subaru motors.

Next Star Party in Minami Sanriku will be around the end of March to observe constellations of spring time.


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