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Sightseeing Spots from Minami Sanriku

There are many view points of nature and historical sites including World Heritages around the Hotel KANYO.

We suggest these places for your day trip.

Sant Juan Bautista

1. Ishinomaki City : Sant Juan Bautista Museum

Enjoyable the replica of transpacific wooden sailboat Sant Juan Bautista shipped by order of Magistrate Masamune Date of Sendai with delegation of Tsunenaga Hasekura on board travelling to Rome in 1613. It was damaged by the Grate East Japan Earthquake forced closure of 2 years and half, however on the occasion of 400th anniversary of sailing in 2013, it is open to tell courage and hope of that time to the future.

【Sant Juan Bautista】

Ishinomaki City : Mangattan Museum

2. Ishinomaki City : Mangattan Museum

You may meet heroes of Masked Rider and Cyborg 009 at Ishinomiri Manga Museum (Mangattan) drawn by Ishinomori Shotaro. Displayed precious original drawings, presentations, attractions and original anime movies of Ishinomori world. Shop opens for many original goods sold only here.


Tome City : Meiji Village

3. Tome City : Meiji Village

You will be fell in love with time trip to European traditional architectures of Japan. Former Toyoma elementary school was built in 1888 by wood with 2 floors and C shaped. It is equipped European style white balcony in the center as a stage. You may visit inside the school with old desks, chairs and texts.

【Meiji Village】

Kamiwarizaki Cape

4. Minami Sanriku Town : Kamiwarizaki Cape

The scenery of legend, between Ishinomaki and Minami Sanriku. Two villages bordering each other were fighting for the land property. Suddenly huge whale had come then hit and cut the hill in 2 parts to make border clear in order to cease fire. You may see beautiful sunrise in February and October between 2 rocks separated.

【Kamiwarizaki Cape】

Iwate Prefecture : Chuusonji Temple Golden Pagoda

5. Iwate Prefecture : Chuusonji Temple Golden Pagoda

World heritage

Emotional Buddhism Arts, by poet Matsuo Basho “Shining Pagoda by droplet of Spring Rain”. Internal beams, columns, dais with various vivid colors fixed by metal fittings. It is registered as a World Heritage of UNESCO in 2011 with its gardens and ruins.

【Chuusonji Temple Golden Pagoda】

 Iwate Prefecture : Motsuji Temple

6. Iwate Prefecture : Motsuji Temple

World heritage

Walk slowly around the garden of Buddhism pure land. This elegant temple was created during Medieval Heian Era. Please do not miss the calm garden and lake as mirror reflecting the pine trees, the winding river run slowly as the paradise of Buddha. It is designated as a historical site of Japan.

【Motsuji Temple】

Iwate Prefecture : Geibikei Gorge

7. Iwate Prefecture : Geibikei Gorge

Tranquil small boat cruise. Calm, hand rowing, sound of water, fresh air, listening to birds. go with fishes. Boatman rows talking to the guests and singing local folk songs between the cliffs and funny strange rocks left and right throughout the gorge.

【Geibikei Gorge】

Iwate Prefecture : Genbikei Gorge

8. Iwate Prefecture : Genbikei Gorge

Water of Iwaigawa river arrives from Kurikomayama volcano. The gorge lasts 2 km splashing waterfalls, then creates famous emerald colored deep basin where offers beautiful view. “Flying Dumpling” is very interesting to see and to taste which delivered from the sky by wire and traditional basket.

【Genbikei Gorge】

Iwate Prefecture : Hanaizumi Flower World

9. Iwate Prefecture : Hanaizumi Flower World

One of the biggest botanical gardens in Tohoku with its total land of 30,000 square meters including the climate controlled pavilion of begonia by 2 stories 700s.m. open in 2000. You may enjoy 350 species of plants and 5,000 roots of begonia throughout the year.

【Hanaizumi Flower World】


10. Kesennuma City : Sea Market, Umi-no-ichi

Fresh sea food market in the center of Kesennuma where unload large quantity from the ocean every morning. It is organized by Abecho, mother company of Hotel Kanyo, to offer you “Market Sushi” and “Rias Kitchen” restaurants as well as souvenir shop.

【Sea Market, Umi-no-ichi】

【Shark Museum】

11. Kesennuma City : Shark Museum

Located on the 2nd level of Sea Market, Umi-no-ichi, to show the life and ecosystem of sharks. Displayed dummy of great white shark, born of cattle and head of turtle found in the stomach of shark. Equipped also movie theater and panels to remind the scenes of tsunami.

【Shark Museum】


12. Matsushima Town : Matsushima

One of the best three view points of Japan. 260 islets covered by pine trees float in the calm and soft bay of Matsushima. In the meantime, you may go to Sagakei straits including Nioujima, Kanejima, Katsurajima islets where are dynamic rocks of various sizes by the boat



13. Ishinomaki City : Kinkasan

The island to pray. Whole the island is the sanctuary of Shintoism, with panoramic view and strange rock field called 1000 tatamis. Remaining wild lives such as deers and monkeys. Boat services available from Ayukawa, Onagawa and Ishinomaki.



14. Kesennuma City : Iwaisaki

Most south west beautiful Cape of Kesennuma in the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park. There are several holes on the rocks around the sea shore to make strange phenomenon spouting water from the holes each time the waves arrive. There is a statue of Yokozuna champion Hidenoyama and tsunami resisted pine tree “Dragon Pine”.


Ogama Hanzo

15. Kesennuma City : Ogama Hanzo

Range of eroded marble stones by sea water, splendid dynamic coast of Karakuwa Peninsula. You may see wide Pacific Ocean and rias coast lines from the renewed promenade.

【Ogama Hanzo】

Hikoro Village

16. Minami Sanriku Town : Hikoro Village

Panoramic view and red of azalea. It is a sanctuary from ancient time. One of the best view spots of Sanriku region. From the end of May to beginning of July, the mountain will be colored in red thanks to the flowers of 50,000 azaleas. The mountain is related to the Fujiwara family of ancient Tohoku. It was found 11 sutra mounds of Fujiwara Buddhism around the top of mountain.

【Hikoro Village】

Mount Tatsuganesan

17. Minami Sanriku Town : Mount Tatsuganesan

Panoramic view and red of azalea. It is a sanctuary from ancient time. One of the best view spots of Sanriku region. From the end of May to beginning of July, the mountain will be colored in red thanks to the flowers of 50,000 azaleas. The mountain is related to the Fujiwara family of ancient Tohoku. It was found 11 sutra mounds of Fujiwara Buddhism around the top of mountain.

【Mount Tatsuganesan】
Byodonuma Lake

18. Tome City : Byodonuma Lake

Some 500 sakura trees were planted across the promenade surrounding Byodonuma Lake in Yoneyama Town by the residents. From the “People Contact Bridge” over the lake which is long 188m you may see plenty of fascinating Sakura trees. It is fresh in the summer, enjoyable BBQ under the autumn tinted leaves or bird watching on the snow arrived far from Siberia.

【Byodonuma Lake】
Manga Museum Ishinomori Shotaro

19. Tome City : Manga Museum Ishinomori Shotaro

Replica of his poor Tokiwa studio with simple desk and materials to draw manga stories such as “Masked Rider”. There is his house where he was born near by the museum. Experience his manga history.

【Manga Museum Ishinomori Shotaro】
Minami Sanriku Town : Sun Sun Shopping Village

20. Minami Sanriku Town : Sun Sun Shopping Village

It was open on 25 February 2012 in Shizugawa Area, in order to recover economy, offering fresh sea foods at restaurants and bistro as well as other 30 shops such as flower shop, barber shop etc. Equipped food court also.

【Sun Sun Shopping Village】

Kesennuma City:Rias Ark Museum of Art

21. Kesennuma City : Rias Ark Museum of Art

Museum looking Kesennuma Bay from the hill. Introducing local culture, foods at permanent exhibition corner. There is another corner to exhibit the stories of tsunami and grate east Japan earthquake. Equipped also work shop and hi-vision gallery.

【Rias Ark Museum of Art】
Ishinomaki City : Road Station “Jobon Village”

22. Ishinomaki City : Road Station “Jobon Village”

Road station on the national route no.45. Rare ferric chloride onsen facility, foot onsen, restaurant, local products shop available.

【Road Station “Jobon Village”】

Road Station “Tsuyama Moku Moku Land”

23. Tome City : Road Station “Tsuyama Moku Moku Land”

Fresh local vegetables, soba noodle, local handicrafts.“Moku Moku House” wooden craft shop offers furniture and kitchen wares made by fine pine trees.

【Road Station “Tsuyama Moku Moku Land”】

Tome City : Izunuma Lake, Uchinuma Lake

24. Tome City : Izunuma Lake, Uchinuma Lake

Nature world of birds, fishes, insects, flowers. Registered under the Ramsar Convention. Tiny glasses try to come up in the spring time and during summer time lake will be covered by pink colored lotus.


Tome City : Yanaizu Koku Zouson

25. Tome City : Yanaizu Koku Zouson

Power giving spot with giant tree. One of Japanese three historical Koku style old pagodas. Constructed in the year 726 by monk Gyoki noted with Manyoshu poetry.

【Yanaizu Koku Zouson】

Sendai City : Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium

26. Sendai City : Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium

It was open newly on 01 July 2015 to introduce rich sea of Tohoku with large glass tank. Enjoyable the Tohoku’s biggest performances of penguins, sea lions and dolphins.

【 Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium】

Minami Sanriku Town : Hamare Utatsu

27. Minami Sanriku Town : Hamare Utatsu

Moving Forward to the Future. It was open as temporary shopping center on 18 December 2011 in Utatsu area of Minami Sanriku Town after tsunami with 10 shops of sea foods, local crafts, souveniers etc.

【Hamare Utatsu】

Tashirojima Cats Island

28. Ishinomaki City : Tashirojima Cats Island

Republic of Cats. The island belongs to Ishinomaki City, but necessary to go by ferry. Many visitors come to this small island to follow lovely cats in recent years. Enjoyable also fishing.

【Tashirojima Cats Island】