「For Overseas Customers」
This hotel, set against a backdrop of blue skies and sun,
is in superbly natural surroundings.
Located on the edge of Shizugawa Bay,
our hotel offers excellent seafood cuisine and the tranquil atmosphere of the sea.
Our staff were witness to the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami. 
In order that memories of the disaster not be forgotten, we operate a "storyteller's bus" around the disaster-ravaged area.
We take you on an hour-long trip to observe the devastated area, 
while our staff talk about their recollections of the event.
Reservations are required so book early.  

[ Kataribe Bus ]
Our Staff offers kataribe, a storytelling bus tour daily.
The tour includes first-hand stories and real voices of the Great Earthequake and Tunami of 2011.
We hope Kataribe tour will help you prepare for and help prevent the natural disasters in the future. 
Pickup is at 8:45 at the hotel.
Return leaves the hotel 9:45.
500yen / person (adults)
250yen / person (children)
However, you must make a reservation to ride on the bus.
「Kataribe Bus」 ※PDF File Download


[ Other Services ]

Free Hotel Shuttle Bus (Advanced reservations required)

JR Sendai Station East Exit Puck Up Bus Stop

- Departure at 13:30 at the JR Sendai Station East Exit and arrival at 15:30 at the Hotel. Return bus leaves the hotel 10am and arrival at 12pm at JR Sendai Station.

[ Access ] 
-Train: From JR Sendai Station take the Tohoku Honsen line to Kogota-station(小牛田駅) and there switch to the Kessenuma Line(気仙沼線) train and go to Yanaizu-station(柳津駅).
From there take the JR Kesennuma Line BRT Bus to Rikuzen-Togura Station.
(陸前戸倉駅)Then it is a 5 minute taxi ride to Hotel Kanyo.
-Access from Sendai by Car:From Sendai-kou Kita (仙台港北)Interchange take the Sanriku Expressway (三陸自動車道) going north.
This expressway has a tollgate at Naruse-Okumatsushima (鳴瀬奥松島)Interchange.
Pass through the tollgate and keep going until you arrive at Monou-Tsuyama (桃生津山)Interchange.
Get off there and head east until you get to R45.
Drive north along R45 until you get to Minami-sanriku Hotel Kanyo. It is approximately 18 km from Monou-tsuyama Interchange.
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