A Happy New Year ! ~ Visit Yokoyama Fudoson ~


This time, I went to Yokoyama Fudoson, which is close to our hotel, for “the first visit of the new year”.  I pray for the safety and happiness of the year. Yokoyama Fudoson is one of Japan’s three major Fudosons and is a nationally designated important cultural property. This area is designated as Minami Sanriku Kinkazan National Monument.

Fudoson is a Buddhist object of worship and is one of the esoteric Buddhist priests.

It was a little chilly day with snow still remaining on the ground, and I was able to pray with a feelings of tightening.

After passing through the torii gate, you will find the mountain gate.

Nio statues are enshrined on the left and right of the gate.

The main hall is on the other side of the pond.

In the main hall, a wooden Fudo Myo, which is said to be made by Kobo Daishi, a nationally designated important cultural property, is enshrined and has a golden statue in its womb.

The tower is unique for bronze construction in the Edo period, and its casting technology is highly evaluated (prefectural important cultural property).

Yakushinyorai  (buddha able to cure all ills)

Benzaiten (goddess of music、eloquence、also wealth and water)

On the way there are information boards here and there !


[  About 15 minutes drive to the Yokoyama Fudoson   ]

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