Come and find Mone’s goods at Kanyo’s Shop

*The iron bridge over the Kitakami River that appeared in the first episode.


Okaeri Mone (おかえりモネ) is a Japanese television drama series and the 104th Asadora series, following Ochoyan. It premiered on May 17, 2021.

This drama is set in Kesennuma City and Tome City next to Minamisanriku Town, where our hotel is located.

The shop next to the front desk sells various “Okaeri Mone” related products.

(Print Cookies)*Cookie with a weather icon printed on it.

(Soramoyo Komanju) *A bite-sized bun with a weather icon printed on it.

(Cheese Cake)

(Salt Caramel Bouchée)

(Chocolate-covered Baumkuchen)*A bite-sized baumkuchen

(Sesame rice cake)*Plenty of sesame flavor wrapped in soft mochi.

(Milk bun)

(Rice cooked with oysters)

(Barbecue sauce)

The products made from cedar from Tsuyama, Tome City, which appeared in the drama, are gaining popularity.

There are toys, accessory cases, castanets, photo stands, coasters, wooden postcards, etc.

The same binder used by the main character.

 Wooden Lunch Box is one of the most popular products.

Local sake from Kesennuma City and Tome City, which is the stage of the drama  (Alcoholic beverages are sold by the Sacho liquor store in our shop.)

[ Location from our hotel ]  To the center of Kesennuma City : About 40km / 40 minutes for north, to the center of Tome City : About 30km / 40 minutes for west 

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