Jalan Jalan around Kanyo

*Areshima and Shizugawa Bay seen from our hotel.

*Jalan Jalan means to take a walk in Indonesian.


This time, we will show you the sightseeing spots near our hotel.

A dense green island in Shizugawa Bay that you can see from the hotel lobby. It is Areshima, which is owned by the Sato family, an old family in Minamisanriku.


Areshima is the only island in Minamisanriku that can be walked across. Areshima Shrine, which gathers local beliefs, is enshrined on this island, and a red torii gate and a shrine stand on an island rich in nature.

If you go up through the torii gate, you will find a small torii gate, and a shrine stands behind it.

If you go further while looking at Moai Rock on your right, you will find the entrance of Cape Lover’s point in the north.


As soon as you climb the gentle slope, you will arrive at the observatory.


Add ” the Ocean View Forest of Life ” along the route for a more fulfilling trip.  This “the Ocean View Forest of Life” is introduced in the blog on December 10th.

Link to the blog on Dec. 10th


You can walk or drive, but we also rent a bicycle for 3 cars. All the cars are electric assisted bicycle !!


Areshima seen from the entrance of Cape Lover’s point in the north and Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo in the back.

Access to the Cape Lover’s point in the north(北の恋人岬) 7 minutes drive from our hotel.

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