Jalan Jalan from our Hotel ( Buddha’s Eye )

Today I would like to show you where you can easily “Jalan Jalan (take a walk)”  from the hotel.

Leave the hotel and head downhill toward Shizugawa for about 10 minutes on foot.

We can see the signboard of 「海の見える命の森 ( Ocean View Forest of Life )」on the left side.

Climb from the Entrance

*Please note that it will slip after the rain.

On the above information board mentioned,

*This forest is a handmade forest by volunteers.

*No trespassing at night ( No lighting equipment ).

*Toilet is only available when the staff is engaged.

*Be sure to take your trash home          and so on.


♪ Step and a step ♪ (Click IMG_2460)

Minamisanriku Buddha


👀 Buddha’s Eye👀 (Click IMG_2474)

Minamisanriku Buddha donated by Myanmar’s general trading company in hopes of requiescats the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Stone oven for pizza and Observation deck


Please kindly check the latest informations from Official website

Uminomieru Inochi no mori (Japanese only)

10 minutes walk and 10 minutes climb from our hotel

Good day ! from Minhong

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