Onagawa Town

Onagawa Town is located in Sanriku Restoration National Park, north east of Miyagi prefecture, with its population of 6,000. Main industry is fishery such as salmon, saury, abalone, oyster, scallop etc. thanks to the good shaped bay which was used also for military purposes during the war.
Noted also by Onagawa nuclear power plant, but it is still stop due to the accident of Fukushima in 2011, however they are going to re-start operation of the reactor No.2 in the near future with maximum security measures.

The town was damaged by Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011.

However the rail road has been restored by JR, now you can travel directly from/to Sendai in 1h30min.

New railway station of Onagawa, equipped with Onsen hot spring.

It was on screen the documentary movie “Saury and Qatar”, the story of Onagawa town restored by the survived fishermen and the aid from Qatar to construct new facilities.

This is newly invented Lamborghini made by carton boxes.

Fake but perfect!
Onagawa is 1 hour drive from Shizugawa.

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